Vertical Form Fill Seal

The Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine comprises of Product Filler & the VFFS Bagging Unit. The Product Filler (Liquid / Paste – Piston, Peristaltic Filler etc, Solids - Fillers - Multihead or Linear Weighers, etc., Powders & Granules - Auger Fillers, Cup Fillers, etc.) controls the amount of product to be dispensed. In the bagging unit the heat sealable film flowing vertically from top to bottom conforms around a pipe and collar to form film tube by vertical center sealing unit and then a horizontal sealer imparts the bottom seal. At this juncture the filler dispenses the product and then the top seal is imparted to form a Standard VFFS Pillow Pouch.

What We Offer

We offer VFFS technology, which has evolved over five decades. The continual feedback from our clients has been incorporated in our machine design and resulted in developments mentioned below:

  • 30 different types of packs, from traditional pillow bags, to stand up bag with square bottom and four seals and the open and reclosed types to suit the customers packaging requirement
  • Patented Duo-Bag Pouch where we can form an additional pocket within a pouch which can house promotional items like tattoos, stickers, key-chains or utility items like leaflets, fruit pickers or spoons etc
  • Long Dwell Technology ensures maximum seal time and maximizing the seal integrity thereby ensuring hermetic seals
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging ensuring longer product shelf life
  • Auto Variable Length Adjustment System to pack products of variable lengths like bread loaves, vegetables etc
  • High Speed model which go up to – 300 ppm
  • In house manufacturing of High end Multi-head Weighers to ensures one point contact and responsibility for entire system



  • Food
  • Salty Snacks
  • Dairy
  • Confectionery
  • Chemicals
  • Seeds

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VFFS Machines are brought to you by Headquartered in Torrebelvicino, Italy, PFM Packaging has worked consistently towards helping their customers achieve success and create opportunity for innovation. It has a strong sales network operating in over 75 countries. The PFM Group satisfies every sector of the food industry including cheese, meat, confectionery, bakery goods, fruit etc.